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Kristen Rounsley

Having come from a fitness background, I enjoy living a healthy and

well balanced lifestyle, and to this day it impacts how I choose to live life. 

I studied nutrition and other general health classes in college and though my degree is in something different, those classes struck a chord with me.  Little did I know at that time that those classes would remain pertinent to my life moving forward.


During college I worked at a gym where I also began competing in figure physique competitions.  While competing my weight training schedule was very regimented and diet strict and boring.  Over the course of time after getting bored with the same one bland meal multiple times a day, I  began utilizing my passion for cooking and started concocting other healthy (and flavorful) meal alternatives.


After learning the inner workings of my own body, and achieving some personal as well as professional goals, I decided that my life would be more fulfilling if I could share the knowledge that I had gained with others, rather than solely focusing on my own physique.  I became a certified personal trainer.


As months passed and I helped clients track progress, there was one thing that became more evident to me.  If my clients weren’t making healthy and nutritious choices at home to complement their hard work inside the gym, then progress and results would only go so far.  After chatting with some frustrated and results seeking clients, I began seeing a trend in that no one seemed to have enough time to prepare proper healthy meals for themselves.  

I decided to offer healthy cooking services to my clients and other members of the gym.  This turned into a huge success and I began cooking for them regularly.  When the orders began to get overwhelming I knew I was at a career crossroads.  My infatuation with health and fitness and passion for cooking, along with a little soul searching, helped to guide me into pursuing my very own healthy food truck.  Good, colorful, tasty healthy, not boring healthy!


My idea for the Elegant Eats Food Truck is to provide convenient and healthy meals in an on-the-go setting.  Whether my consumers want to take it to "health nut" level is up to them.  While the truck may not be geared toward hot dog connoisseurs, menu items vary to accommodate both the everyday Joe who knows they should be making better meal choices, to those that are more diet specific.  I will let my consumers decide on exactly how extreme they want to be and in the meantime I'm going to keep cooking up a storm!

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