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Planning For an Upcoming Event?


Having a kitchen on wheels makes it easy to go pretty much anywhere.  Book the truck for your next house party and let us do all the work.  Imagine the truck rolling into your driveway, your guests come outside excited for the novelty of ordering from the special menu we have created for your event.  Without the hassle of dirtying your kitchen and worrying about cleanup it makes entertaining that much more enjoyable!


Though the truck is small and spans just 18 feet from bumper to bumper, it's packed with equipment capable of producing enough food to feed a small army.  The kitchen inside the truck features a 6 burner range with double ovens and a broiler, a commercial refrigerator, two sinks, a steam tray and panini press.  


We're not just limited to house parties.  The bottom line is, if you can think of it, we're happy to be there!  All we need is a flat surface to park on and hungry guests to serve.


Please tell us about your upcoming event on our contact page!

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